Brian Jarvis is an Assistant Professor of Music Theory at the University of Texas at El Paso. He holds a PhD in Music Theory from Florida State University. His diverse research interests range from form in 19th-century opera & post-modern film music, music theory pedagogy & technology, and phrase structural issues in 19th-century music & recent musical theater. Brian has presented at numerous regional and national conferences including the national meeting for the Society of Music Theory. His published research includes the forthcoming article “Alternative Paths, Phrase Expansion, and the Music of Felix Mendelssohn” (co-authored with John Peterson of James Madison University) which will be published in Music Theory Spectrum in the fall of 2019. Brian’s dissertation, “Analyzing Film Music Across the Complete Filmic Structure: Three Coen and Burwell Collaborations,” demonstrates a new methodology for large-scale film-music analysis, which utilizes an interdisciplinary approach encompassing film narrative theory, Schenkerian-style linear analysis, and structural use of themes and motives. His pedagogical interests have led to the publication of the essay “Hearing Harmony Holistically: Statistical Learning and Harmonic Dictation” and to his cross-university, collaborative form-and-analysis course where students taught and learned from their peers at James Madison University through their final projects which involved a teaching-oriented analysis video published to YouTube.

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